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Born – Jerusalem

Raised – Philadelphia

Education – San Francisco Art Institute – exp. 12/2020 


My formative years were spent immersed in common vandalism. It was through that chapter that I developed an appreciation for disruption, as well as photo documentation. I later took on a new philosophy from that practice, considering the life and rebirth of an image or experience, and found myself on a completely different path. Only then it transmitted through filmmaking.

Currently, my work is in handmade film using previously shot 16mm footage. Running three minutes in length, there are several experimental methods involved such as the manipulation of projector lamps, chemical alterations and offset frame grabs, calling on the experimental films from the 1960s. It finishes as a distorted portrait of a dream, but also serves as a visual sound piece as it functions over a luminous thread of white noise. I go a step further and incorporate elements of print and sculpting to the physical film itself. As a whole, this combination is a reification of sensory disobedience and the multiple steps involved are my goulash, a terminus refinement.


Jon Naisteter
P.O. Box 330122
San Francisco, CA. 94133